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How to Date Your Disney Collectible

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Disney collectibles, also referred to as Disneyana by enthusiasts, have been around since the 1920s, upon the inception of Mickey Mouse into mainstream culture. Since then, tens of thousands of items have been produced to commemorate various aspects of the Disney empire from motion pictures to theme parks. It is not very difficult to find out how old your Disney collectible is, and following these simple steps can make the job even easier.

Narrow down your options. Disneyana items are marked by year, and the following item markings help you determine its age. • 1920s: Walter E. Disney or some derivative • 1930s: Walt Disney Enterprises (WDE) • 1940s-1970s: Walt Disney Productions • 1980s-present day: Disney or Walt Disney Company

Search for your Disney collectible online. If you do not know its exact name, try generalizations such as "Donald statuette." Try a website such as Disneyana.com to find a wide range of collectibles.

Take a photograph of your collectible and post it on various Disneyana chat sites, such as Laughingplace.com. A fellow poster may know more about your item.

Look for any certificate of authenticity along with the item. Disney often includes commemorative write-ups, or numbers limited-edition pieces through a pamphlet included with a fully intact item.

Visit a local antique dealer. Many can approximate the year an item was created based upon style, materials used and overall condition.

Things You'll Need:

  • The Disney Collectible in question
  • Internet
  • Digital camera
  • Blank adhesive label
  • Pen


Living in California or Florida may allow you the opportunity to bring your item to Disney collector conventions, which can educate you further in regards to your item's date and origin.

When you receive a Disney collectible, always keep its original box and paperwork to reduce mystery for others in the future.


  • Don't be fooled! Many Disney pieces are replicas or knock offs. Don't sell too fast. If an antique dealer quotes you a low price, but you have doubts, continue your search elsewhere.
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