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How to Record PS3 Games & Upload Them to YouTube

You have probably seen videos of PlayStation 3 games being played that have been uploaded to YouTube. Sometimes the video is taken by pointing a camcorder at the TV screen to which the PS3 is connected. Other times the video is more high quality -- it looks like it has been captured directly from PS3. It looks this way for good reason: The video play is actually recorded directly from the PS3 device. To produce high-quality recordings of your PS3 game-playing yourself, you can use a device called a video capture card to hook up your PS3 to your computer to record your play.

Things You'll Need:

  • Video Capture Card
  • Windows 7


Load the installation CD which came with the contents of the video capture card into the computer’s CD drive. An installation wizard will automatically load. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the capture card’s drivers onto the computer. This step only needs to be performed the first time you use the video capture card on a computer.

Insert the video capture card’s USB cable into an unused USB port on the computer.

Plug the proprietary end of the PS3’s AV cable into the AV jack located on the back of the PS3. Insert the red, white and yellow plugs (located on the other end of the AV cable) into the matching colored AV jack on the video capture card.


Click the Start button. Type “Windows Live Movie Maker” in the “Search” box. Click “Windows Live Movie Maker” in the search results to open the program.

Open the Movie Maker menu by clicking the white arrow in the top left corner. Select “Import from Device.” The Import wizard will open.

Select the video capture card from the device list. Click “Import.”

Follow the on-screen instructions to prepare the Windows Live Movie Maker program for a video capture session. At the last prompt you will see a video preview window which displays whatever is currently playing on the PS3.

Click “Import” in Windows Live Movie Maker when you are ready to begin recording a PS3 game. Click “Stop” when you want to end the recording. Click “Finished.”


Go to the “Video File Upload” page on the YouTube website. Log into YouTube using your Google account credentials. (If you do not yet have a Google account you can create one for free.)

Click “Upload Video.” Browse to the location where you saved the recording of your PS3 game. Click “Open.”

Fill in the YouTube settings form.

Click “Save Changes.”


If you also want to use the PS3's AV connectors to hook up the unit to your TV, connect a 1 RCA AV female to 2 RCA female Y splitter to each AV plug on the PS3’s AV cable. This will allow you to split the AV signal. Use one set of AV cables to send the PS3's audio and video signal to the TV set and another set of AV cables to send the same signal to the video capture card. Remember to color-coordinate the red plug to the red jack, the white plug to the white jack and the yellow plug to the yellow jack on each device.

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