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How to Cheat at Internet Backgammon

It seems that cheating at Internet backgammon would not be possible. Many times, online games have a predetermined outcome: One player rolls certain numbers and then plays predictable moves that cause them to win or lose. It seems that this is cheating, but neither player has any control over this. There is, however, a free program you can download that will help you truly cheat at Internet backgammon.

Download GNU Backgammon to your computer. This software analyzes possible moves and advises you of how to move your game pieces after you roll the dice. When you play every move the software tells you, it can help you win 70 to 85 percent of the time.

Set up your software. Choose the options to play manually, that way you can change dice results and keep up with the game, as you play online.

Create an account at an online backgammon site. Play a few rounds to see how the site functions.

Start a backgammon game with a live player (or a computer, but preferably a live player). Adjust the software so you play the exactly as your live game and follow every move the analyzer suggests.


  • Sometimes websites set up bots that can recognize if a player is cheating. If you're caught, the site will most likely ban you from playing there. When setting up your Internet profile, it's not advisable to use real information. Don't give out your real name or location. You will most likely need an email address to sign up with; you might consider setting up an alternate email account to use for this purpose. If you get caught cheating, the online backgammon site will be able to track you down and you don't want that to happen.
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