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How to Turn on Bluetooth on a PS3

You can register a Bluetooth device with the PlayStation 3.
audio-set, Bluetooth image by Andrey Chmelyov from Fotolia.com

The PlayStation 3 game console features Bluetooth capabilities. This allows the user to connect certain compatible Bluetooth devices, such as headsets, to the PlayStation 3. Users can then voice chat with other players while taking part in online gaming sessions. The Bluetooth capabilities are always enabled on the system. However, before you can use a Bluetooth device, you will need to register the device with the PlayStation 3 console.

Charge your Bluetooth device fully before you attempt to sync it with your PlayStation 3.

Have your Bluetooth pass key code on hand. Some devices will require a pass key code to sync with your PlayStation 3.

Choose “Settings” from the PlayStation 3 main menu, then choose “Accessory Settings.”

Select “Manage Bluetooth Devices.” This will display a list of Bluetooth devices already synced with your PlayStation 3.

Choose “Register New Device” from the menu. Select “Yes” if this is your first registered device on the console.

Select “Start Scanning” to allow your PlayStation 3 to scan the area for compatible Bluetooth devices.

Choose your Bluetooth device from the scan results. You may need to enter the devices pass key code to allow it to sync. Once you have completed the registration, you will have turned on the Bluetooth capabilities for the device on your PlayStation 3.

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