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Troubleshooting the Tomee SX-3 Wireless Controller for the PS3

The Tomee SX-3 won't work with all PS3 consoles.
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The Tomee SX-3 wireless controller is a non-Sony made wireless game controller for the PlayStation3, used to control PS3 games without wires connected to the console. Because Sony firmware version 3.5 disallows the use and functioning of non-Sony made USB accessories such as the Tomee SX-3, consoles with this firmware installed will not recognize the Tomee SX-3 controller as a compatible controller.

Things You'll Need:

  • Instructional Pamphlet
  • Compressed Air
  • Tomee Sx-3 Usb Cord

Bluetooth Connection

Turn on the PS3 and connect the controller via the USB cable. Select “XMB” on the PlayStation3 screen. Select the “Settings” option. Choose “Manage Bluetooth Devices.” Expect to see a message that says, “The Bluetooth device has not been registered” if the PS3 has not previously paired with the Tomee SX-3.

Select “Yes” to register the controller and press the “X” button on the controller. Ensure that the controller is in “Pair” mode and wait for the PlayStation3 to scan for Bluetooth devices. Expect a successful scan to list the Tomee SX controller. Press the “X” button again when it lists the device.

Enter the controller’s Bluetooth passkey, found on the controller’s instructional documentation, to complete the pairing process. Move the cursor to the on-screen “Enter” button and press the “X” button. Move the cursor again to the on-screen “OK” button and click the “X” control button. When you see the confirmation page, the SX-3 has been paired correctly with the PlayStation3. Disconnect the USB cord and use the controller wirelessly.

General Troubleshooting

Open the battery compartment cover on the back of the Tomee SX-3 controller and replace the AAA batteries with new ones. Replace the battery cover.

Charge the controller by plugging it into the USB connector on the PS3 and turning the console on. The PS3 needs to be on to charge the controller. Check the USB cable connection to the PS3 if it does not appear to charge. Make sure it is fully inserted. Turn off the PS3, remove the connector and blow compressed air in both connectors to remove any dust that might be interfering. Recharge the controller for an hour to see if there is a difference.

Connect the controller to a PC via its USB charging cable. Play a PC game with the controller to make sure it is operating in every other way. Disconnect the controller from the PC.

Place the controller receiver within view of the controller. Turn on the PlayStation3. Slide the power switch to off and turn it on again. Make sure the power indicator light turns on. Wait a few seconds for the controller to connect to the receiver. Expect the receiver LED light to turn on. Try to use the controller wirelessly.

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