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How to Make a Blu-ray PS3 Player Region Free

Scott Barbour/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Sony PlayStation 3 home video game console uses a Blu-ray player as its optical disk, meaning you can play hi-definition games and movies. A region-locked disk means it can only play in selected regions of the world. This is usually denoted with a Pal or Ntsc label. To unlock the PS3's region capabilities, Sony released a firmware update very soon after the PS3 was released. Install the free update to unlock your PS3 and play all Blu-rays.

Turn on your Sony PlayStation 3 and select "System Update" from the main menu. Select "Update Via Internet."

Wait as the PS3 looks for available updates. Press the "X" button to start the installation of the firmware update. Press "X" again to verify and agree to the software agreement terms.

Wait as the PS3 system firmware is updated to the most recent. This will update the capabilities of the Blu-ray player.

Press the "X" button when the install is complete to restart the machine. You are now region free.

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