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How to Remove Region Lock for PS3

A DVD movie with a region lock produced in North America will not play in other countries, otherwise known as regions. To unlock the DVD, you need to know the region lock. This added security feature is to combat the growing concern of video piracy. You can remove the lock with DVD burning or ripping software. This practice is not illegal, and there is no evidence that it is illegal, according to the Super Media Store website. Removing the lock will allow you to play the movies in your PS3 console.

Things You'll Need:

  • Dvd Movie Disc
  • Blank Dvd
  • Dvd Ripping Or Burning Software
  • Computer With Dvd Drive

Take the DVD of the movie that you want to use in your PS3 console. Place it in your computer’s DVD drive.

Launch the DVD burning software on your computer. Options include DVDXCopy Platinum, Nero Burning ROM or Windows DVD Maker.

Press the "Rip" or "Burn" button. The software will now make a copy of the movie. When prompted, replace the DVD movie with a blank DVD.

Press the “Copy” button. Allow the DVD burning software to transfer the copy of the movie to your blank DVD. This removes region lock from the movie and makes it a “Region 0” or “All-Region," which means you can use it on your PS3 console.

Place the copy DVD in the PS3’s disc tray. It will now play in your console.

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