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How to Prepare a Program for a Gospel Concert

Preparing a program for a concert requires planning and attention to detail.
concert image by Francis Lempérière from Fotolia.com

Providing an alternative to secular musical performances, gospel concerts can draw large crowds of Christian music lovers to churches and auditoriums. Coordinating such an event on a large or small scale requires logistical preparation. A key part of this planning is developing and printing a program for the concert. Preparing a program requires advance planning to determine the lineup of performers and the other activities during the event. A printed program will provide the audience with an idea of what to expect. It also serves as a keepsake of a memorable evening. A solid program that is closely followed ensures a well planned and smoothly run event. Here are a few tips and techniques to preparing a program for a gospel concert.

Determine the theme of the show. The theme can be centered around a particular season such as "Winter Wonderland of Praise" or "Summer Celebration of Song." The sponsoring organization should also be included in the program. If there is a headlining performer for the concert, include their name on the front of the printed program title.

Include the date, venue location and concert start time on the front cover of the program, along with the theme. Graphics for the program booklet could be photo of the main performer or performers.

List the performers in the order that they will appear. Include the intermission and any activities that will take place between performances. You may also want to include the names of other individuals who will be on stage speaking, such as the name of the master or mistress of ceremonies or anyone that will introduce a performer.

If available and space allows, include short biographies of the performers.

Create an acknowledgment section where you can list everyone who has supported the event with donations of time, expertise or other forms of support. If space allows, include the logos of sponsors.

If relevant, include a key Bible quote or words of encouragement.


A written program can be laid out using desktop publishing programs such as MS Publisher or MS Word. Depending on the size of the concert, you could also hire a professional designer.

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