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How to Make a Band Mates Wanted Advertisement Poster

Who knows how far your band will go?
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Starting a band is creative way to celebrate your love of music, showcase your talent and connect with like-minded peers. If you're making a poster advertising your desire for band mates, remember that the location of the poster is equally as importance as the its appearance. Potential hot spots include the grocery store, library, local music shop, community center and school campuses. You should also move around and pass out fliers to increase your chances of meeting the perfect fit.

Choose a medium for creating your poster that fits your budget. Websites like Band-Flyers.com offer personalized templates for download that you can print out from your home computer. If you have the funds, consider having your poster created by a professional professional printer.

Describe your band, including your genre and singing style, so prospects will have some idea of what they’re getting into. Include your band's name and a picture if you have one available. Describe your unique sound and compare your band to other groups with a similar style, to make your description relate to the prospect and easier to understand.

Describe the type of band mate you’re hoping to find. Include whether you’re looking for musicians, vocalists or both. Describe the level of talent, experience and time commitment you’re looking for. List what you want, as well as what you don’t want. For example, “Seeking seasoned bass guitarist and back up singer. Must have at least three years experience performing professionally. No need to audition if you can’t commit to practicing at least 20 hours per week.”

Include your phone number, email address and/or web site. Also, include a deadline to create a sense of urgency so that individuals will more likely respond in a timely fashion. Indicate whether you’re holding open tryouts or whether they’ll be scheduled by appointment. If you are holding open auditions, print the dates, times and location on the poster.

Close the text with a catchy or inspirational phrase that captures the essence of your band. For example, “Anybody can be famous, but we’re going to be legendary.”

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