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How to Create an Event Passport Booklet

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You have an upcoming event and have decided to make your event a little more interactive. By creating an event passport booklet, you can have stop points that your patrons can have stamped. You can create your event passport for a day or even weekly event. Event passports can be used for schools, fundraisers, vendor shows or other community events. Event passports can bring event guests to aspects of the event they may not have considered before.

Open your booklet creator.

Click "File" then select "New." Select "Blank Pages" and choose "Letter Size Landscape" (8 1/2 inches by 11 inches) paper.

Change your margins. Click on your "File" tab and select "Page Setup." Change all your margins to 0.5 inches. For a smaller margin, change all your margins to 0.25 inches. Changing your margins will give you more workspace.

Turn on your rulers. Click your "View" tab and select "Rulers." You will now have horizontal and vertical rulers.

Click on your vertical ruler and drag a ruler guideline to 5 and 1/2 inches. Your right side will be the front of your booklet and the left will be your back.

Duplicate your page to make your inside pages. Click "Insert" and then "Duplicate Page." This will duplicate all your changes.

Work on the outside of your booklet.

Create a text box for your event name. Click on your "Insert" tab and select "Text Box." Draw a text box with your mouse. Click your mouse inside your text box to select your font, font size and font color. Type your text. You can create more text boxes to suit your booklet.

Add your event image or event logo to the front of your booklet. Click your "Insert " tab and select "Picture." Choose "From File." A pop-up will appear. Choose your image file. Scale your image smaller or larger by clicking on your image guidelines and dragging your mouse.

Work on the back of your booklet. Insert a logo or pictures with names of your event sponsors. If you don't have any event sponsors but have upcoming events, you can create a text box and list your events. This can also be used as a notes section or to thank people who have helped with the event process.

Work on the inside right side of your booklet. This will be the first inside page of your booklet.

Create text boxes for each booth or event stop point. Click your "Insert" tab and select "Text Box." Draw your text box with your mouse. Click inside your text box to select your font, font color and font size. Type in the event stop point name or title.

Draw a box for your event stamp. Click on your "Insert" tab and select "Picture." Select "Auto Shapes" and choose the shape of your choice. Draw your shape next to your typed text for your event stop. This will become the passport part of your booklet. You can also use stickers in place of stamps.

Repeat the steps for each event stop and continue onto the left side of your inside page.

Things You'll Need:

  • Booklet creator (Windows Publisher)
  • Images
  • Printer
  • Bright white paper/colored paper


Create more pages for your booklet if you need. Use the back of your booklet to insert a map of your event.

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