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Christian Talent Show Ideas

Christian talent shows can showcase talent while sending out a positive message.
christian symbols image by Allyson Ricketts from Fotolia.com

Christian talent shows offer a stage to budding performers in a spiritual environment. Hosting a talent show within a church, Christian school or other organization can be an ideal way to raise money or showcase talent from church members or students. When planning a talent show, the utilization of several ideas can help ensure the event is a success.

Traditional Song Remix

Remixing traditional religious songs, such as Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art or some other well-known song can be a fun and interesting way to showcase talent. Have a category with up to five traditional songs and challenge talent show performers to create a new version of this song. Performers can sing the song a cappella, play the song on an instrument or have a band perform a new rendition.

Human Music Videos

Human music videos are skits performed without dialogue while a song is being played. The actions on stage reflect the lyrics being sung in the song. Human videos can portray literal translations of the song or employ dance moves to emphasize the message of the music. Traditional hymns or modern Christian songs can be used. This type of performance merges stage acting with dancing and miming skills.

Talent Show Theme

Creating an overall theme for a talent show can be done during certain periods in the year, such as having a Christmas-themed show during the holidays. Talent show themes can also be used to cap off a teaching series; for example, after a lesson about Moses, an Egyptian-themed show can highlight points learned throughout the sermon series. Awards can also be given based on the theme. A Burning Bush Award can be given for the most unique talent, a Pharaoh Award for a leading performance and a Shepherd Award for the best group performance.

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