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How to Play DVD Movies On A Playstation 3

If you'd like a guide for playing movies on you PlayStation 3, follow the steps below.

First, place the DVD of your choice into the PS3. There may already be a disc in there, so press your finger on the button directly below the cd tray that looks like a triangle with a line underneath it. This ejects any discs that may be in the PS3. If it beeps three times when you push the button, that means there is no disc inserted.

Once your disc is in and you are looking at the PS3 main screen, sign in as anyone and scroll over to the section called "Video." To select anything with the controller, the button is always "X." X is always go. Circle is always back. Use the four directional buttons on the far left to move around.

When you have video highlighted, you should see several things appear below it. The only one you need to worry about is the icon that is shaped like a DVD. Using the directional buttons, move down to it and press "X." Now your DVD will start playing.

When the main menu for your DVD appears, you move around just as you did when you were in the PS3 menu. Use the directional buttons to move to different selections like "scene selections" or "play." When you highlight something that you want, push the "X" button to go.

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