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How to Play an HD-DVD or Blu-ray on a PS3

The PlayStation 3, or PS3, can play DVDs and Blu-ray discs as an entertainment option. In the case of Blu-ray discs, the gaming system can play the discs directly. The system also plays regular DVDs, but requires a USB HD-DVD drive to play HD-DVDs because the laser is formatted to Blu-ray discs rather than HD-DVD discs.

Playing HD-DVDs

Connect the USB cable to the HD-DVD drive. The cable should come with the drive and generally will connect to the back of the drive. Push the cable into the drive where it is labeled “USB.”

Plug the other side of the USB cable into the PS3 system. Allow the PS3 to find the drive. If it requires installation of any information, it will install upon the first connection.

Put the HD-DVD into the drive. When the PS3 shows the disc in the drive, click on the drive by scrolling through the options with the controller and selecting “X.” The movie should start upon selection.

Playing Blu-ray Discs

Place the disc in the PS3 directly. The game system is already set up to read Blu-ray discs. The menu option should show “BD-ROM.”

Use the directional buttons on the game system controller and highlight “BD-ROM.”

Press “X” to start the movie. It should start automatically upon selection.

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