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How to Pick Bingo Cards

Bingo Card Rules

Like any other form of gambling, bingo is a game of chance. Players must dab their Bingo cards according to which numbers are called in an attempt to make the assigned pattern before other players. The odds may seem random, but players can use some strategy to select Bingo cards that may increase the odds of winning. If the process were foolproof, anyone who knew it would win, but players have to remember that in Bingo, there are always luck and chance involved.

Look for cards with low serial numbers. Official Bingo cards are made with serial numbers, located in the bottom right-hand corner of each game and directly in the free space. While every game is random, players like O have lower-numbered cards because these cards usually feature consecutive numbers. For example, a "B" column on a low-numbered card may have the numbers 4,5,6,7, and 9. This is beneficial for longer games like "Fill the Card" in which numbers tend to be called in sections.

Pick a video Bingo terminal card style over standard paper cards. One of the main benefits is accuracy. The video terminals keep track of every card and players simply need to press the ball when it pops up on the screen. This ensures that a player does not miss any numbers and knows exactly when she has bingo. The video terminals can also hold unlimited cards to increase the odds of winning.

Choose the best numbers for the “U-Pick-Em” card by seeing trends throughout the night. Bingo games may feature a "U-Pick-Em" game in which players choose 8 numbers of their choice on a small bingo card. For example, a lot of "N" numbers could be called during a session, so a player should put three to four "N" numbers on the card to help increase the chances based on trends. Watch for other number trends, including specific frequent numbers like "O66", "G48", and "I16," for example.

Purchase special games to increases odds because fewer people play these games. Choose special games in the middle of the bingo session because more games will sell at the beginning and end, so players do not have to wait to play. Another good special game to purchase is the "quickie" game. These games are for more advanced players because numbers are called at a rapid pace. The rules of this game generally cause fewer people to play and allow people who do greater odds of winning.

Use a timed strategy to spread out the number layout. By purchasing the cards at the same time, a player will come across similar serial numbers and notice that the cards have a lot of numbers in common. Wait around 30 minutes before heading up to purchase a second set of cards so that the serial numbers are far apart and the cards offer more numbers and chances of winning.

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