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How to Open the Magic Lock Box

The Magic Lock box is a unique and challenging puzzle to be solved--and stressed over if it can't be figured out. This guide will deal with opening the clear version of the box, with two red support bands circling it.

Opeing the Magic Lock Box

Hold the box in both hands. Place one hand on either side, holding the box on its square end sides. The box should be held lengthwise, so that it is parallel to the ground.

Take your right thumb and forefinger, and place them on opposite, diagonal corners of the box's square sides. Make sure that they are able to grip the box.

Hold the box firmly with your left hand, and pull outward, away from the box, but parallel to the ground with your right. When the box opens, it will slide lengthwise out of the square end of the box, effectively doubling the length of the box. When you pull outward, make sure to grasp the opposite diagonal corners firmly.

Turn the box over if the previous step doesn't open the box, spinning it so that the bottom face is now its front face, and the top face is now the back face. Repeat the process.

If the box still will not open, spin the box clockwise 180 degrees so that the right face is now the left face, and the left is now the right. Repeat the process.

Open the box, sliding the drawer outward. As there can only be four opposite diagonal corners to try and pull apart on the whole of the box, this will not take long to figure out. Put something into the box, and slide it shut to reset the trick.

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