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How to Build a Blueberry Picker Scoop

A blueberry picker scoop rakes the berries from the plant while serving as a temporary berry basket.
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A blueberry picker scoop, used to harvest berries, resembles a hand-held dustpan with a comb-shaped scoop. A picker scooper allows you to pick the berries quickly, while serving as a holder before transporting the berries to a larger container. Unfortunately, the scooper grabs more than just berries, such as leaves and twigs and some berry pickers believe the scoop damages the plants, while fans of the picker scooper insist the damage is less than what bears cause in the wild.

Things You'll Need:

  • 2-Inch-Long Nails (About 32 Nails)
  • Hammer With Claw End
  • Staple Gun
  • Leather Strip (14 Inch By 1 Inch)
  • Wooden Box
  • 10-Inch Wood Strip

Select a box that is about 10 inches wide, 14 inches long and 6 inches deep. This is for the body of the scoop.

Remove one end of the box, so that the box has two 14 inch sides and one 10 inch side. The opened end will be the open end of the scoop. Use the claw end of the hammer to pry off the end piece.

Position the leather strip along the top of the box in the center, running parallel to the 14 inch sides, to serve as handle for the scoop.

Secure each end of the leather strip to the top of the box using the staple gun. Don’t secure tightly flat to the box, as your hand should be able to slip between the strip and the box, allowing you to use the strip as a handle when using the blueberry picker scoop.

Select a thin 10-inch strip of wood that will fit along the bottom edge of the box where you removed the side. It should be wide enough to fit on the edge without overlapping.

Hammer each nail through the wood strip, spacing each nail about ¼ inch apart. Set each nail perpendicular to the wood, and parallel to the other nails. When finished setting the nails, the piece will resemble a comb, with a wooden handle and nail teeth. Leave about ½ inch on each side of the strip nail free.

Secure the nail comb to the bottom edge of the box, where you removed the side. Nail it to the box by setting nails on each end of the strip.

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