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How to Frame a License Plate for the Wall

Do you have a license plate that's special to you? Maybe it came off the first vehicle you owned. Maybe it's a souvenir you bought while on vacation. Maybe it's a personalized plate you once used. Maybe it's an old license plate you bought or found because it tickled your fancy. Whatever the case, the best way to store it and keep it looking great is to frame it for the wall.

Buy a a deep treasure box at a craft store or a hobby store. This item resembles a picture frame, but it's deeper. The box should fit the license plate in length and width closely, but with a few added inches around each side. It should also be approximately an inch deep.

Remove the back of the deep treasure box. Cover the front- the side towards the glass- with a piece of black velour or, with another material. Stretch the material tight on all four sides; it should have a short overhang. Pull the edges over the sides onto the back and staple it securely into place.

Place the license plate you want to frame on the covered back of the deep treasure box; position it in the center. Then, use a red permanent marker with a sharp point to mark the locations of all 4 holes in the license plate.

Set the plate aside. Use the power drill to carefully drill pilot holes in the back of the deep treasure box. The holes should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the screws.

Position the license plate on the background material so the holes are aligned with the holes you drilled. Then, use a screwdriver to fasten each screw securely in place.

Replace the back of the deep treasure box so it's attached to the front. Now your license plate is in a frame and is ready to hang on the wall.

Things You'll Need:

  • Deep treasure box
  • Black velour or other material
  • Staple gun
  • Red permanent marker with a sharp point
  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Small screws


Black velour makes a stunning background for any license plate. However, you can use any material, like a pattern of a map on it, for example.

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