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How to Make Your Own Wallet Chain

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You can make sure you never lose your wallet again by creating a wallet chain to connect it to a belt loop. Making your own wallet chain can be quick and easy. It’s also an economical way of keeping up with the trends and thwarting pickpockets. All you need to make a wallet chain is a lot of pop-tops and a little time.

Things You'll Need:

  • Soda Can Hinge Tops
  • One Or Two Key Rings
  • Wire Cutters

Determine how long you want your wallet chain to be. Go to your local recycling center and ask if you can get the hinge tops off of their cans. If not, try to find some on the street or cut them off your soda cans.

Cut an upwards slit on the bottom section of every soda can hinge. Cut on the part of the hinge where the hole is the biggest.

Feed the key ring through the top hole of one of the hinges. Add hinges to the bottom hole of this single hinge by looping them through each other. Depending on how you’re going to wear your wallet chain, you may or may not need another single hinge.

Add at least four hinges to the single hinge. Once you add four, add four more to those and so on until your chain is long enough.

To have your wallet chain hang off your pants, insert the key ring through your wallet’s zipper and the other key ring through your pants’ belt loop. For those who want to wear their wallet chain on their shoulder, insert both key rings through your wallet. (You may need to punch a hole through your wallet in order for the key rings to hold.)


Shop around for wallet chains. Observe and measure the chain so you have an idea of how long you want yours to be.

Buy a wallet that already has holes punched in it already.

Add rhinestones, buttons, or pins to make your wallet chain stand out.

Wallet chains are perfect for both men and women.

Make them as gifts for your friends and family.


  • Be careful when cutting the soda can hinges. You don’t want to cut yourself with either the cutters or hinges. Use gloves if needed.
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