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How to Link Finger Rings

You can perfect a magic trick involving wedding bands.
Rings image by Bradlee Mauer from Fotolia.com

Magicians entertain and intrigue audiences with their sleight-of-hand illusions. Many of their tricks require plants in the audience, elaborate setups and several assistants. Some tricks, however, require only a few simple tools and a little misdirection. The linking finger rings trick is one of these tricks. You gather two wedding rings from a married couple and bump them together so they interlock. The trick requires a little practice but is very easy to perfect.

Place the trick rings in your left pants pocket. These trick rings have a small, imperceptible break in them that allow them to link together when pressed. Make sure your trousers are slightly loose to make for easy reaching and exchanges.

Ask a married couple wearing gold wedding rings if you can borrow their rings. Scan the audience and make sure the couple’s rings look almost identical to your trick rings. Otherwise, the trick will not work.

Stack the rings on top of each other in your right palm and cover them with your left. Say you’re going to absorb the rings into your skin or something similar. Press on the rings, making funny faces to distract your audience. As you press, scoot the rings between your left thumb and palm.

Wedge the rings firmly in place and throw up your hands to show the rings are gone. Show the back or side of your left hand only, so no one sees the hidden rings. Pretend to look for the rings, patting your clothes. Reach into your left pocket, drop the real rings and pull out the fake ones.

Smile and hold up the rings, showing everyone you “found” them. Tap the rings gently against each other once or twice where the breaks are, then crack them together firmly so the rings link together. Hold them up so everyone can see, palm them as before and exchange them back with the real rings. Return the rings to their owners and take a bow.

Things You'll Need:

  • Two gold trick rings
  • Pants with pockets


Practice this in front of a mirror, making sure you can’t see any of your exchanges or the rings in your palm.

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