How to Do the Headless Trick

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Things You'll Need

  • Two black shirts of identical fabric and color
  • Scissors
  • Dark Jacket
  • Wire coat hanger

Create the illusion that you are headless on the street or in a public gathering with the headless magic trick. To your audience, it will appear that your head disappears for a few seconds. This trick can be learned fairly quickly with the use of a coat hanger and multiple shirts.

Set up

Cut a "V" shape about halfway down the chest of one shirt to create large "V" neck collar. Put on the other shirt and slip the "V" neck shirt on top.

Put on a dark jacket over both shirts. Place the hanger in between both shirts and through the arms as if you are hanging the "V" shirt up in your closet.

Zip or button up your jacket.


Tell the spectator that you are about to levitate a card. Pull out the deck of cards and begin preparation for the trick. This will put the spectator's attention on the card trick.

Say that your neck hurts and start to sneeze during the preparation of the card trick.

Reach your right hand back behind your neck to give the illusion that you are rubbing the sore spot. Grab onto the hook of the hanger with your thumb and grab the collar of the jacket with your fingers to form a fist. As you do this, sneeze violently and simultaneously lift the hanger and jacket. When you sneeze your head will disappear into your shirt.

Use your left hand to touch your forehead. Drop the hanger and your head will pop back out of the shirt.


  • This trick needs to be done quickly to give the illusion that your head has disappeared. It should take no longer than the length of a sneeze.


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