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How to Do the Red and Black Separation Card Trick

Do the Red and Black Separation Card Trick

How to Do the Red and Black Separation Card Trick. The Red and Black Separation card trick is a trick that requires a full deck arrangement before hand. Therefore, you should perform this trick first if you have more than one trick to show your audience. Use the Red and Black Separation trick to make it appear that your spectator can tell the color of the cards without looking at them.

Arrange the Deck

Arrange the deck. Divide the cards into one pile of 26 red cards and one pile of 26 black cards.

Remove four red cards and four black cards and arrange them in a sequence that seems random. For example, one black card, two red cards, three black cards and then two red cards. You must memorize this sequence, and remember that the cards will be face down when performing the trick.

Place the other 22 red cards on the other 22 black cards. Put the other eight sequenced cards on the top. All cards should all be face down. Now you are ready to perform the trick.

Perform the Trick

Tell your spectator that you can tell what the color of a card is just by looking at the deck. Show them by telling them what each of the top eight cards is before you turn them over. As you turn them over, put the black cards in one pile and the red cards in another pile.

Move those cards to the side, but take one black card and one red card and put them face up in front of your spectator. Tell them that they are going to be able to predict the colors of the cards also.

Give the deck to your spectator and tell them to place cards one at a time on either the black card or the red card; wherever they think the cards should go. Make sure that you are watching the cards and counting in your head. Once they have placed 22 cards, ask them to stop.

Announce that you are going to make it harder now. Take a black card and a red card from the six that are off to the side. Place a the black card face up on the pile that started with a red card and place the red card face up on the pile that started with a black card. Have your spectator repeat Step 3 of Section 2 with the remainder of the cards.

Start with the pile that you know is already correct. If you arranged the deck as in Step 2 of Section 1, with the 22 red cards on top of the 22 black cards, then the pile that started on the face up red card is ready. Simply turn over the cards they placed on the red card; they are red. Turn over the cards your spectator placed on the black card; they are black.

Pick up the other pile, which is backwards. Keep the deck face down and fan it. The face up black card will be on your left and the face up red card somewhere in the middle. Take out the black card and place it on your left. Take out the red card and place it to the right of the black card.

Turn your hand over so that all the cards are face up and are corresponding to the cards you laid on the table in Step 6 of Section 2. Now the black cards will be on the right and the red cards on the left.


Practice this trick many times, so it is not obvious that you are working with a fixed deck. Do some false cuts in front of your audience to reduce the chance they will question your deck.

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