How to Magically Break and Repair a Rubber Band

Perform a little magic for your friends at school, your co-workers or for your fellow partygoers. This is a fun little trick that you can do anywhere to amaze your friends and keep them wondering how you did it. The following steps will show you how to break and repair a rubber band as if by magic.

Pinch an end of a thin rubber band in one hand with your forefinger and thumb near the top so that there is a small piece hanging off the end.

Do the same thing on the other end of the rubber band, pinching it with your forefinger and thumb so that there is a small piece hanging off the end.

Stretch the rubber band tight with the other three fingers of both hands until it looks like there is only one strand of rubber band instead of two.

Take the forefinger and thumb of your right hand and grab the small end on the other side of the rubber band in your left hand. Conceal the small end in your right hand behind your forefinger.

Pull this small piece tight to make it appear as if it is one strand instead of two. Stretch the bottom piece with your other fingers into a circle. This should now look like you are holding a rubber band in two places at the top of a circle.

Tell your audience that you will break the rubber band in half and then restore it back into a single piece. When you have them intrigued, begin your trick.

Pull back the small piece that you grabbed with your right hand and snap it, making it appear to break. Stretch out the rubber band, and it should now look like you are holding a broken rubber band strand.

Let go of one side of the rubber band and shake it around. Now show your audience the repaired rubber band.


  • Thicker rubber bands make this trick a little harder to do because it is more difficult to make the thick band look like one when put together rather than two.

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