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How to Calculate Winning Numbers from Previous Powerball Results

Studying Powerball results may help you determine future probabilities.
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Because the chances of winning the Powerball are so stacked against you, anything you can do to improve your odds is extremely useful. If you are a serious Powerball participant, you know the importance of tracking winning Powerball numbers from previous drawings. Knowing these results certainly cannot guarantee winnings but can at least help you identify trends that will help hone your number selection strategy.

Go to the official Powerball website (see Resources). Click on "Powerball Numbers" for the full list of winning numbers from previous games.

Create a spreadsheet to track the frequency of numbers that appear on the red ball, the Powerball. You will notice that certain numbers are drawn more frequently.

Create a spreadsheet for the white balls as well. Record the frequency and averages of winning sets. Calculate the average low number, high number and how spread out the winning numbers usually are.

Make your selections. With your detailed Powerball results, you will make more informed decisions on the numbers to choose. For example, you may notice there are usually more odd numbers on the white balls than even numbers. Knowing this, you would not pick 12-14-22-33-42 but 12-15-23-33-42. You may also notice that 57 and 58 are rarely drawn.

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