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Tips to Win at Las Vegas Slot Machines

Slot machines are popular because of their progressive payouts and simplicity for the player.
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Slot machines consistently amount for 70 percent of all the business in casinos. These games have been popular since the 1980s. The slot machine offers jackpot amounts that can make someone a million dollar winner with a simple $3 bet. The progressive nature of the game makes the casino player feel like they have a chance to break the bank. The simplicity of the game also draws people in as little skill is required.

Know the Payouts

Always look for machines with higher payout percentages. This can vary from game to game, as well as from casino to casino. Being familiar with the machines that pay out in the 96 percent to 98 percent range will allow the player to have the best shot at winning. Talking to the slot floor manager could also provide information on the best games to play. Casino specials are also a way to tell what machines might be paying out more. Machines that are shown in the advertisements are the machines the casino could be directing people to so they have people winning and telling others about those winnings.

Know Your Bankroll Limit

Make it a habit to only play slots with the money from your initial bankroll, and not from any credits you may have earned along the way. As soon as you have reached the limit you have set for yourself, walk away. Walking out with money will make you feel like a winner. If that strategy is not acceptable to you as a player, set a limit on the amount of winnings you will be willing to lose (not including your bankroll). Then walk away when you have reached that loss limit.

Play Low Dollar Machines First

Play the machines that have a lower number of reels on them. The machines that have only three or four reels are easier to read and will cost you less money per spin. While it is generally true that the higher stakes machines pay out larger amounts over time, if they don't fit your budget then they should be avoided. Only play those machines when you build up your bankroll to a comfortable level.

Maxamize Your Bet

Playing all the lines on a slot machine will enhance your chances of winning. Slot machines reward the players who consistently play the maximum bet by offering higher payouts. If your bankroll will not allow you to play the maximum bet on a machine select a machine that better fits your budget.

Get the Reward Card

Most casinos offer membership programs or rewards for allowing them to track your play. It is free to join a casinos rewards club, which will entitle you to free comps and promotions even if you do not win. This way, you will insure you get back something of financial value for your time spent gambling. These cards show how much you gamble, which can help in budgeting your bankroll as well.

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