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Caveman Keno Tips

Caveman Keno is a popular gambling game among keno players.
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There are several variations to the game of keno, but one of the more interesting ones is Caveman Keno. The game is part of the IGT Game King machines. While some keno games can be static with their display, Caveman Keno is a little different. This game offers some interesting graphics, but also offers the player some bonuses when it comes to payouts.

Game Basics

Like basic keno, a player must choose between two and 10 numbers, picking from 1 to 80. The computer will randomly draw 20 numbers. Depending on the number of picks by the player, if he gets enough matches, he will win a prize.

There is an egg bonus. After the player makes his selections, but before the game starts, the computer randomly selects three numbers from the remaining numbers the player did not pick. If these eggs are selected in the 20 numbers the computer picks, the player can win a bonus.

If two eggs are selected, or "hatched" (when the egg is selected, a dinosaur is hatched), then the player's prize is multiplied by four. If all three eggs are selected, the prize is multiplied by 10.


When playing keno, you have to decide your goals and expectations before putting any money into the machine.

It depends if you are looking to try and win a small profit and grind it out, or looking for the "home run" and the big payout.

If you are trying to minimize the odds and have a greater chance for a return, then you will want to play fewer numbers, between two and five numbers, and hope to get lucky that way. With fewer numbers, your odds of catching enough to get paid increases.

If you choose the home run, then you will be selecting a higher number, like eight to 10 numbers, hoping to catch a significant amount of numbers. The payouts are greater, but the risk is also greater.

There is no logic to picking numbers in a specific order or pattern. The computer picks the 20 numbers randomly, so there is no way to detect any kind of pattern.

No matter how many numbers the players picks or what pattern of numbers he chooses, you have to realize the odds are always in favor of the house. The numbers selected just increase or decrease that number.


There are a few online casinos that offer Caveman Keno. Before venturing into the online casino world, you must check out the payouts they list. The online casinos are not regulated and could vary the payouts for the games. Also, you will have to be wary about how the casino handles its business. You always must be aware there are scams out there.

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