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How to Play Progressive Bingo

Bingo card
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Progressive bingo is a unique way to play a classic game and possibly win a lot of money. Unlike regular bingo in which balls are drawn until someone wins, progressive bingo has a limited number of balls and then ups the jackpot ante every round when there is no winner. The longer the game goes on, the higher the grand prize.

Choose a type of progressive bingo to play, either live or online. Check with your local bingo halls and find out if they have progressive bingo or go online and sign up for a progressive game. Progressive bingo is illegal in many states. Either way, you will be asked to pay for a new round every game that isn’t won. This adds up, since all players do the same and the jackpot increases accordingly.

Select the number of cards you want to play with. Some more-experienced bingo players will have several cards in front of them at once. This is a complicated process, since you must keep track of so many letters and numbers. However, this will increase your chances of winning.

Focus on the numbers being called. Do not talk on a cell phone or to a bingo-playing neighbor while the caller is doing his work. Similarly, if you are online, do not check email or watch television. In many cases, callers will not repeat themselves.

Mark off the number and letter combinations as they are called, just like you would in traditional bingo. If you are using multiple cards, you must listen and mark quickly as you sort through your cards in order to be ready for the next call.

Declare bingo when you have five consecutive spaces up, down or diagonally. You can also win by having each of the four corners covered.

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