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Tips on Oklahoma Indian Casino Slots

Indian casinos in Oklahoma are full of slot machines.
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Indian casinos offer a chance to gamble close to home for people in the Midwestern and southern states. States like Oklahoma have large Indian casinos that rival the acclaimed gambling joints in Las Vegas. Slot machines make up most of these casinos. Players will find penny slots, high stake slots, progressive machines and classic three-reel slot machines in any Indian casino.

Set a Bankroll

By setting a spending limit before you start playing, you can play longer and keep a better eye on your money. Divide the bankroll you have to spend at the casino by how many hours you plan to stay, and do not go over your total hourly budget. Remember that most of the slot machines in an Indian casino are penny slots, with the average minimum bet at 20 cents and the average maximum bet ranging from $2 to $4. Betting the maximum each round could cost anywhere from $120 to $240 a hour.

Understand the Slot Machine Before You Play

Before diving in to any new game, take a minute to read the instructions. Since most of the slot machines at Indian casinos are video slots, you can find the instructions by pushing the help button on the interactive screen. Read through the bet amounts, game rules and bonus features before you start playing.

Bet the Maximum on Progressive Slots

There is a row or two of progressive slot machines in every Indian casino. Every time someone places a bet in one of the slot machines, the jackpot rises for the entire row. However, to get the full jackpot you must bet the maximum allowed. If you do not want to bet the maximum, avoid these types of machines altogether.

Join the Rewards Club

Larger Indian casinos offer a rewards club. They are free to join and allow you to accumulate points, which convert into free slot machine play, discounts on hotel rooms or complementary meals. You will be given a rewards club card once you sign up. Insert the card into the slot machine before you start playing and you will rack up points quickly.


Indian casinos, unlike Las Vegas, typically have a 18 and up age limit. Therefore, most of the casinos, such as WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma, do not offer free alcoholic drinks. However, they do have drink stations where you can get coffee and soft drinks.

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