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Tips on Winning Cash 3 Lotto

Man buying lottery ticket in Warren, Michigan
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images News/Getty Images

“Cash 3” is a lottery game played in many states where the player buys a ticket and attempts to match a three-number sequence between 000 and 999 to a drawn number for a jackpot that is usually around $500 for exact-draw tickets. While this is a game of chance, there are plenty of people with advice on how to beat the game and walk away with a cash prize.

Favorite Number System

Woman buying lottery ticket in Hollywood, Florida
Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Using the Cash 3 game from the Florida Lottery as an example, it is possible to improve the 333-to-1 odds of buying a single 50-cent box ticket (this means choosing a number that will win if drawn in any sequence) by purchasing a series of 36 tickets. Simply choose your favorite number between one and nine and choose every number combination with that number in it. Let’s pretend your favorite number is 3. Buy a 50-cent box ticket for every number between 300 and 399 and omit any number that repeats the combination. In other words, it would be unnecessary to buy a ticket for the numbers 3-1-0 if you already had a ticket for the numbers 3-0-1. This will reduce what you spend to play, and buying the box ticket will make sure you win no matter which way the numbers are drawn. Completing this list should get you down to a list of 36 numbers, improving your odds from 333-to-1 to a more manageable 6-to-1. This means, in theory, that your numbers will hit about one out of every six drawings. To play the system, simply spend the $18 on the 36 tickets and wait for the drawing. If you win, the payout will be $40, meaning you profit $22 for the day. If you lose the game, play the same tickets the next day, only purchase two of each ticket. You will have a total of $54 invested in two days, but the double tickets will now pay $80 if they hit and you will have a total profit of $26. Repeat the system and continue if you lose the second day, buying four of each ticket. It will begin to get expensive during a losing streak, but eventually you will get back ahead if you stick it out.

Hit Frequency Analysis

Lottery cards at store in Chicago, IL.
Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you choose to buy fewer tickets and instead wish to predict the outcome by studying trends, then looking at a hit frequency analysis may be the direction you want to go. A hit frequency analysis is simply looking at how often a number comes up in a drawing day after day over a period of time. The numbers that seem to appear most often are considered “hot” numbers and the ones who show up much less frequently that the odds would indicate are considered “cold” numbers. Some people feel that there is a reason some numbers inevitably show up more often and they choose to put their money with the hot numbers. Lottery strategy website Lottostrategies.com contains a hit frequency analysis program where players can search for their specific game and state for what numbers are hot and what numbers are not.

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