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How to win the Pick 4 lottery

Pick the Winning New York State Lottery Numbers

Developing a winning system for any lottery game requires time, patience, and of course money. While there is no guaranteed way to always win the Pick 4 Lottery, there are ways to give yourself an edge. You should not count on winning big each time you play, so make sure you can afford to lose the money you spend to play the game. By following some proven advice, you can consistently give yourself better odds of winning.

Manage your money. Set a personal loss limit. Make a daily or weekly budget based upon how much money you can afford to lose. Assume that the money you spend on the Pick 4 is already gone, don't ever count on winning. Do not spend more money than your budget allows.

Form a lottery pool with your friends. Collect money from several friends. The more money you can afford to put toward the Pick 4 game, the better odds you have of winning.

Keep track of the winning numbers from previous Pick 4 games. Refrain from picking the same numbers from recent winning dates. The same number combinations are highly unlikely to occur soon after being selected.

Avoid high-priced strategy guides that tout being able to increase your chances of picking winning numbers.

Join a free online lottery forum. Read the forum and advice columns posted by the moderators and fellow members. Check the past winning Pick 4 lottery numbers, they are usually posted daily.

Use a lottery wheel. Insert your numbers into a lottery wheel to determine the likelihood they will be picked. Try to use an online lottery wheel number generator that has previous lottery winning numbers loaded into its databank. Such lottery wheels are available for free on several online lottery websites.

Fill out your lottery sheet using the numbers you select.

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