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How to Calculate Favorable 4D Numbers

Winning the lottery is a matter of chance.
holding winning lottery image by drx from Fotolia.com

4D, or 4-Digits, is a lottery game played in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan similar to the Pick 4 lottery game in Canada and the United States. To play you must choose a four-digit number ranging from 0000 to 9999. 4D is a fixed-odds game where there is no room for skill or method. You cannot calculate what the winning number will be, you can only guess, and all numbers are equally as likely to win. Nevertheless, betters who believe in the gambler's fallacy, the idea that numbers that have not appeared for some time are overdue, or the hot hand, the belief in winning streaks, fate and other superstitious ideas, have methods of calculating favorable numbers that you can use.

Choose your 4D combination based on some number you have a personal connection to. For instance, you could always bet on the year you were born, the last four digits of your license plate number, your cellphone number or your apartment address. A popular method in Southeast Asia is to use the plate numbers of car that has recently been involved in an accident.

Keep a log of the hot and overdue numbers in a 4D lottery. Hot numbers are numbers that have occurred more often than others, and overdue numbers are numbers that have not received a prize for some time. Bet on permutations of these numbers. Some websites offer these statistics to lottery players.

Analyze the historic data of the 4D lottery you play and find which numbers have never won, and bet on them. The Singapore Pools lottery company, the only 4D lottery provider in Singapore, offers this service on its website.


  • None of these methods will increase your chances of winning. The numbers these methods produce are only favorable from an arbitrary or superstitious point of view.
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