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How to Play Match Game

Match Game is a TV game show that was broadcast originally from 1962 to 1969--but those shows had little in common with the more popular version. The next round of shows was broadcast from 1973 to 1979, with syndication running from 1979 to 1982. Also, some other unsuccessful versions of Match Game had short TV runs. Here's how to play Match Game.

Read a statement. The host reads a statement and leaves out a word. Six celebrities write down their answers to fill in the blank in the statement.

Match the stars. The contestants give an answer to fill in the blank in the statement, hoping to match the stars' answers.

Reveal the answers. The stars reveal their answers. If they match the contestant's answer, the star sits out the next round for that contestant.

Continue for two rounds. After the two rounds, the player with the most points--six being the maximum--went on to the end round. In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker round is played. The scores go back to zero and everyone plays. The contestant with the most matches wins the game.

Play the first part of the end game, called the "audience match." The top three answers from a fill-in-the-blank question previously asked of an audience are hidden on the game board. The contestant asks for three celebrities to give responses. The contestant chooses one of those answers or gives their own. If the contestant matches the bottom answer, he wins $100. The middle answer is worth $250 and the top answer $500.

Win the game. The contestant attempts to match one of the six celebrities in the second part of the end game. The contestant selects a celebrity, another fill-in-the-blank statement is read and the celebrity writes down an answer. The contestant tries to match the response and if she does, she wins 10 times the amount she won in the audience match.

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