How to Make Waitress Uniforms

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Things You'll Need

  • White shirt, button-down or T-shirt
  • Skirt
  • White felt
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Lace
  • Hot glue
  • Tiara
  • White canvas tennis shoes
  • Black sharpie marker
  • Notepad (optional)
  • Tray (optional)
  • Plastic cups and plates (optional)
  • Fake food (optional)

When you need a waitress uniform for a Halloween costume, the basic ingredients can be gathered from your closet or nearest thrift or discount store. If you need to make a waitress uniform for a child, go retro with the a few details and homemade components. Take a cue from the fifties or old sitcoms like "Alice" or "Happy Days." Create a sexy waitress costume with a tighter or midriff-baring base. The rest of the components can stay the same.

Choose a solid colored skirt and a shirt for the base of the uniform. Both pieces can be black, pink, green or a combination of a white shirt with a solid bottom.

Cut a half circle from a piece of white fabric.The edges of the half circle should reach from hip to hip. Add a piece of ribbon to both corners with a needle and thread, fabric or hot glue. Attach lace trim along the edges of the felt. Cut a rectangle of felt slightly larger than a notepad. Glue the sides and bottom edge to the front of the apron.

Fold a piece of felt into a rectangle a little larger than the front of the tiara. Fold the top corners down, hot glue to the back to secure. This will create a trapezoid shape. Hot glue the felt to the front of the tiara. Trim the long bottom edge with lace.

Color the center section of a pair of white canvas tennis shoes with a black sharpie marker. Replace the laces with ribbon for a decorative touch.

Glue hard plastic cups to a tray. Glue plastic food to a plate and then to the tray.