How to Make Small Ribbon Bows

Sara Budisantoso

Small ribbon bows are insanely cute and can be used on any craft or gift. You can glue or tie them to anything. These small bows are fast and easy to make.

Things You'll Need

Wire ribbon can be used to create these bows.
Sara Budisantoso
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Choose the Ribbon

The bows are tiny, so thin ribbon works best.
Sara Budisantoso

Choose a thin ribbon for these small bows.

Cut the Ribbon

Use sharp scissors to cut the ribbon.
Sara Budisantoso

Take your scissors and cut the ribbon about 6 inches or the width of your hand. You don’t need a lot of ribbon to make these and any excess can be cut off later.


Make the Loops

The loops will look like rabbit ears.
Sara Budisantoso

With your index fingers make a loop with your ribbon.


Cross the Loops

The loops will look like an X.
Sara Budisantoso

Cross the loops to form an X shape.

Tie the Knot and Adjust the Bow

Glue or tie the bow to your project.
Sara Budisantoso

Run one of the loops through the center of your X shape and pull each loop tight to form a knot. Adjust your ribbon and cut off any excess. Glue the bow to any craft or gift.