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How to Make a Homecoming Mum Ring

Homecoming is a time to show your school spirit -- to be creative and festive. Homecoming mums consist of decorated mum flowers with trails of ribbons, bells and decorations flowing from the bottom of the flower. In addition to or in place of a traditional mum, homecoming mum rings are gaining popularity. Homecoming mum rings are essentially miniature mums worn around a finger as a ring.

Things You'll Need:

  • 2-Inch Mum
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Garter
  • Hot-Glue Gun
  • Cardboard

Create the Base

Cut a 3-inch section from the garter, using sharp scissors to prevent fraying.

Apply a thin line of hot glue to one end of the garter section.

Fold the garter to make a circle, overlapping the ends. Hold the ends until the glue has set.

Assemble the Ring

Cut a 2-inch circle out of a piece of cardboard and pierce a small hole in the middle of the circle.

Cut six or seven 3-inch sections of ribbon.

Hot-glue the individual pieces of ribbon onto the bottom half of the cardboard circle. Start with the darker and wider pieces of ribbon first. Stack the ribbon pieces on top of each other. Ribbon should only cover the bottom half of the cardboard circle.

Apply glue to the top of the circle, including the space directly above the center hole. Insert the flower stem into the hole and press the flower into the glue, holding it in place until the glue sets. Then apply glue to the underside of the bottom layer of petals and adhere them to the circle, holding them in place until the glue sets.

Apply glue to the center back of the circle. Press the ring base into the glue and hold it until the glue hardens.


Be as creative as you want to with these rings. You can utilize all types, sizes and colors of ribbon. You can also add decorations such as bells, feathers or lace.

Using varying ribbon colors and designs will make the mum ring more attractive.


  • Hot glue should be used with caution as it can burn skin. Do not use too much glue as it will ooze and create a mess.
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