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How to Make Slash's Hat

The rock guitarist Slash has a funky style that can be recreated with some simple materials.
Steve Baccon/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Slash is the stage name used by rock guitarist Saul Hudson. He was an original member of the rock band Gun N’ Roses, formed in 1986, and is known by the iconic tall black hat he wears, dubbed the “Slash Hat."

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Can Of Silver Spray Paint
  • Tall Black Top Hat (Any Material You Can Find)
  • 6 Paper Plates
  • Strong String
  • Ball Pins
  • Jazzy Metal Belt Or Fancy Broad (Wide) Metal Necklace
  • Glue

Buy a tall top hat of any material; the hat should be black. Black leather or vinyl is good, but a cloth, felt, or faux leather material also can be used.

Wrap the metal belt around the base of the hat and secure it. If you do not have a metal belt, a wide metal necklace will also work.

You can make your own belt from paper plates. Spray the paper plates on both sides with silver paint. Allow to dry.

Cut enough round circles from the plates to cover the base of the tall hat. Cut a tiny circle in the middle or punch a hole through each. The circles can be various sizes or symmetric.

String together the circles and attach these to the base of the hat with glue and string. Use pins to hold the circles in place until the glue dries.


The best place to get hats cheap is flea markets and garage sales.

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