Fun Facts About Mexican Music

Music is an important part of every culture and Mexican culture is no different. Mexican music reflects the history, traditions, art and flavor of the society and is constantly evolving to reflect changes and growth.


Mexican music has roots in ancient native cultures like the Aztecs. According to, the Aztecs used drums, rattles and flutes, all of which are still used in popular Mexican music today.


The most popular and widely known type of Mexican music is mariachi. Other types of Mexican music are norteño, which incorporates polka and waltzes, banda from military bands, and cumbia. Modern styles include classical, rock, rap and electronica.


Mexican music blends native traditions with other cultures. Mariachi has heavy Spanish influences. The Cumbia style of music has Colombian roots, and norteño has German influences.


Mariachi bands use some of the most distinctive Mexican musical instruments. They use specialized guitars such as the guitarrón, which is a large bass guitar, and vihuelas, which are small guitars with round backs. Mariachi bands also use a harp with 28 to 40 strings. Maracas are another traditional instrument still used in Mexican music.


Spanish priests brought the mariachi instruments to Mexico for use in religious ceremonies, but the local people began using them for secular music, to the displeasure of the priests.


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