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How to Make Paper Pants

Whether for Halloween or a costume party, making a nice pair of paper pants is an easy craft project that can garner hilarious results. What's not to like about paper pants? The hardest part is deciding what type of paper you will use for this craft project. Perhaps the best choice would be a roll of butcher paper since it's durable and easy to use, plus the plain white surface can easily be decorated for fun and fashion. However, using the daily newspaper is cheaper and more easily accessible, and the art, graphics, and photos can give the paper pants you make a lively appearance. Glossy pages from magazines can also be used.

Things You'll Need:

  • Flat Floor Space
  • Scissors
  • Daily Newspaper, Several Magazines Or Butcher'S Paper
  • Marker
  • Pair Of Pants
  • Tape

How to Make Paper Pants

Choose a pair of real pants that you'd like to match in size and shape and spread them out flat on the floor. You will use these pants as a template.

Pull out all the newspaper or magazine pages and separate them into a pile. Choose the pages with the quirkiest and most interesting graphics and headlines, then lay several of these side-by-side on the floor.

Press the edges of the pages together and tape them at the seams, then flip them over and tape the same seams on the opposite side. Make two long sheets that are at least six inches bigger (both wider and longer) than the pair of real pants you are using for a template. Each sheet will cover one side of the pants, so make sure both sheets are wide enough to fit both legs.

Place the pair of pants on top of one of the sheets you have created and press it flat against the paper. Smooth out all the wrinkles.

Trace the shape of the pants onto the paper using the marker. Be careful not to rip the newspaper as you do this.

Place the pair of pants onto the other sheet you've created and trace its shape with the marker.

Cut out the shapes you have created on the sheets of paper using the pair of scissors. Discard the scrap paper left over from the cutting.

Place one of the pants shapes onto the other, even them up, then trim the edges with the scissors to make sure the shapes are fairly equal with smooth edges.

Tape the outside seams of the paper pants together, then tape the inside seams. Make sure to leave the waistline and the cuffs free of tape. Gently lift the pants from the floor and open them up slowly from the waistline. Very carefully slip them on, taking care not to bend the knees too much to prevent ripping.


You might need to adjust the size of the pants a few times before you get it right. The first few pairs might be too slender to slip on without ripping, so making them a little bigger than the pair of pants you used as a template is wise. Also, the sturdier the paper used to make the pants, the less likely they will rip during movement.


  • Always wear a real pair of pants beneath your paper pants just in case, or, at the very least, running shorts.
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