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How to Make Out in a Movie Theatre

Dinner and a movie is a typical date and is great for first dates as well as long-relationships. This is an especially common date though for teenagers who frequent the theaters already. After some conversation over dinner a lot of young couples (and older couples as well) want to become a little more "friendly." Movie theaters are dark places where couples can do a little smooching away from the public eye.

Wear darker colored clothing. This way you won't stand out as easily as you would in a neon orange shirt. Also style your hair in a typical fashion, nothing too outrageous that would draw attention to you.

Select an appropriate movie. Family movies or kids films are not appropriate for making out. Also think about release dates and time of day. A just-released film is likely to be more crowded. A late-night film is likely to be less crowded. You want to pick a theater that will be the least crowded. This gives you more space and privacy.

Walk in the theater and head straight to the back. Pick seats in the back row, you want to be out of the view of other people. The corner is best as you will really be hidden but if that is unavailable choose a section in the last row in the very back.

Wait until after the credits when the movie has actually started. That way anyone who walks in late and looks around for a seat won't be looking at you. Slink down in your chairs and if there's an arm rest push it up so you have a large area to make-out in.

Boys, slip your arm around the girl's back as if to make the move to snuggle. Girls, turns your knees into the guy and start to play footsie to get their attention. One person needs to initiate the "actual move." Take your hand and slowly rub it up their neck then grab the back of their head and pull them in for a nice smooch. Try to keep your lip smacking quiet but still have fun!

Slip out of the movie a few minutes early to avoid any strange looks or unwanted glares. Go to the bathroom to wash up and fix your hair. That's it. Have lots of fun.


Stay in the back


  • Don't dress in a stand out manner with bright clothing or crazy hair, this will draw attention to you
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