How to make free printable sewing patterns for your Barbie doll


Things You'll Need

  • graphics program
  • ink jet printer
  • fabric sheets
  • fabric adhesive
  • Velcro strips, dots
  • fabric shears, scissors

Making your own free Barbie sewing patterns is a great way to create printable templates for designer clothes for your Barbie doll.

Download your free printable Barbie doll sewing patterns template.

Open a blank page in your graphics software program and import the templates to your page.

Resize the top so that it is 6in in width by 8in high and rotate 90 degrees if necessary. Resize the skirt pattern so that it measures 6" wide by 8" high and rotate 90 degrees as well.

Place a rectangle with an outline and no fill on the page and resize it so that it covers both the jacket and the skirt (if you are using the same pattern for both). Fill the rectangle with the pattern color of your choice.

Layer this rectangle beneath the clothes templates so that the outlines for the doll template show on top of the printable pattern or color.

Print a free test page on plain paper. If you are satisfied with the output, you can now transfer your clothes pattern to an ink jet fabric sheet.

Allow the transfer fabric sheet to dry for about 5 minutes and then peel off the backing sheet. Cut out the jacket and skirt from the fabric sheet. Make the split at the front of the jacket up to the neck and then cut out the hole.

Run a tiny bead of fabric adhesive around one of the "A" curves on the printed side of the fabric. Fold it in half and slowly line it up with the "B" curve opposite it. Press it gently to make sure the adhesive sticks. Repeat with the other "A" and "B" curve. Once the adhesive dries a bit, you can reverse the jacket right side out.

Place a small strip of self-stick Velcro on the inside corners on the back of the skirt. This will serve as the closing device for the skirt. Now that you have designed free sewing patterns for your Barbie doll, with a few more patterns you will be able to modify the printable templates to make the jacket or the skirt longer and possibly even create a pair of pants to match!


  • PAY ATTENTION to where the "A's" and "B's" are on the jacket and which are the front and the back (you can mark them on the reverse side of the jacket with a pencil). Use Velcro dots instead of strips for fastening the Barbie clothes Fill the rectangle with clip art instead of color for a unique effect

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