How to Make Free Printable Flyers Online

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Flyers can be a useful tool in spreading the word about a business or an event, and useful for general advertising. Designing a flyer can include adding pictures or images, and providing contact details and informative text. For those who wish to design one of their own, there are flyer templates and creators available online that could assist in their design. These online templates are accessible to anyone on the Internet and the process is simply done by inputting one's own information and components to make it readable and printable. These websites can also generate ideas for those who may want to create their own flyer template.

Add pictures, art and color to flyers for more options.
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Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Computer With An Internet Connection

Visit a free flyer template generator website. See References for a list.

Type in the requisite information as indicated on the template. For instance, the event or type of business it is, contact information, location and directions, and any specified dates and times. Upload pictures or clip art.

Click the "Create Flyer" button. This will take you to a printable page that displays your newly created flyer. Print as many copies of the flyer as you will need.

Distribute your flyer by handing it out to people, by posting it around the community, or by putting it up in businesses and store windows. You will often need to ask permission from a store or business owner beforehand.


  • There are plenty of ways to get more creative with this project: you can opt to use colored paper or paper with designs applied, paper with pictures, or even different qualities of paper you may find.