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How to Package Greeting Cards

Designing and making your own greeting cards can be a fun way to promote your artwork and make a little money at the same time. There are several ways to package greeting cards, so that the buying public will be intrigued by the idea of purchasing a homemade product. With these simple ideas you can become one of the many entrepreneurs who have successfully designed and sold their own product.

Things You'll Need:

  • Plain Paper
  • Colored Ribbon
  • Plastic Sleeves

Place each individual card in a clear plastic sleeve that will protect the gift product from dirty fingers and other such items. These plastic coverings are made specifically to hold various sized greeting cards with the sizes of 4 X 6 and 5 X 7 being the most common. They are readily available at many paper supply stores and typically cost around $10-$15 per hundred.

Place a select grouping of your gift cards in a gift card box and make your own label. Gift card boxes are more difficult to procure than the plastic sleeves, but you can typically place 5 to 10 cards in each box. I like to go into Photoshop and design my own label that has a small image of each card that is included. Next I print several labels to each sheet of paper, then I cut and paste each label to the back. If you find a design that you like for the label, it is cheaper to take the printing to a print shop.

Make your own gift card box. This is more labor-intensive than buying the gift boxes, but you can wrap your handmade boxes with a nice gift paper and again place a label on the back. These carefully crafted boxes make a great container to present cards as a gift to a friend.

Use a full sheet of paper and a piece of gift ribbon to wrap around a series of gift cards. Fold the sides of the paper to make a rough sort of envelope to enclose the cards and then tie an attractive looking ribbon around the group of cards. Again you can print images of enclosed cards along with any other pertinent information on the full sheet of paper, before you start folding.


Print four labels to a page to save money. This can easily be done in Photoshop or other graphic design programs.

You might have to go online to obtain gift card boxes.


  • Don’t try to include too many different types of cards in one package. Having several different cards that center around one central idea works good.
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