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How to Design Guitar Soundhole Labels

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Part of being successful in the world of building custom acoustic guitars means that people recognize your name. One way to obtain that recognition is by designing a well thought-out soundhole label. Creating a design that not only helps people know who you are, but also relays a sense of what your guitars are about will help to solidify your place in an ever growing custom guitar market. Creating a label for a guitar is not a difficult task.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Card Stock Sticky Back Paper
  • Pencil
  • Computer With Editing Software
  • Printer
  • Straight Edge Ruler

Create a certificate document using a computer equipped with image or text editing software. Generally, soundhole labels look like small certificates that have the company name, logo and any slogans the company might use. Also list the model name, serial number and geographic location of the manufacturer on the label. The design print should be easy to read and match the personality of the guitar.

Print the document using an inkjet or newer style printer. Most labels are approximately five inches by five inches squared, but can be printed in a different size if desired. Keep the print size large enough so anyone trying to read the label while it is attached to the inside of the guitar will be able to read everything easily.

Draw a square around the soundhole label using a straight edge and a pencil. This will act as a guide when cutting out the label. If you’ve decided not go use a traditional square label this step can be skipped.

Cut out the label using a pair of sharp scissors. Follow the guide line carefully to ensure a straight cut is completed. This cut should be completed with the sticky back still on the paper.

Remove the sticky back from the card stock and place the label inside of the guitar. It should be positioned directly in the center of the hole so it is easy to read.

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