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Instructions for Using the Avery CD Label Applicator

The Avery CD applicator makes it easy to perfectly place labels on CDs.
label kit image by max blain from Fotolia.com

Recordable CDs are a convenient storage medium for music and data. You can create them quickly and easily with a low cost CD burner either within your computer or as a stand-alone unit. You can label the CDs with a felt-tip marker, but this looks amateurish. You can give a professional look to your CDs by printing labels onto CD label paper. Once you have printed labels, the difficulty is getting the labels placed perfectly on the CD. Avery makes a CD label applicator that makes it easy to place the label on the CD in the proper position.

Place the sheet of labels face down on a hard surface.

Peel the backing from the labels. It is important to peel the backing from the labels as opposed to peeling the labels from the backing to ensure the labels don’t curl.

Place one label on the Avery CD applicator with the printed side down. Place the label so the center hole passes over the larger cylinder on the top of the applicator.

Place the CD you are labeling on the CD applicator with the data side up. Place the CD so that the hole in the center of the CD passes over the smaller cylinder on the Avery CD applicator.

Place your fingers on the CD as close to the small cylinder as possible and push the CD downward firmly. It is important to press equally on all sides of the cylinder.

Remove the CD from the applicator.


You can use the same labels and CD applicator to label DVDs.

Many brands of CD label paper provide templates and software for creating labels.


  • Be absolutely certain to place the CD on the applicator with the data side facing up. Otherwise the CD will be useless when it is labeled.
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