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How to Play a Low B on the Recorder

The recorder is a fun and inexpensive instrument. The recorder is the instrument of choice for many music instructors when teaching students how to read music because it is easy to learn and play. If you are young or old, a beginner or advanced musician, the recorder is a great instrument to add to your collection.

Hold the recorder in playing position with both hand. Your left hand should be closest to the mouthpiece, palm facing you, and your right hand towards the end of the recorder, palm facing away from you, with the first three fingers of each hand in position over the holes.

Cover the hole on the bottom of the recorder with your left thumb. Be sure that your thumb completely completely covers the hole, giving it a tight seal.

Cover the top three holes of the recorder with your left hand's first three fingers (one finger per hole).

Place your right hand's middle and ring finger over the fifth and sixth holes.

Place your mouth on the recorder's mouthpiece and blow with a steady stream of air to produce low B.

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