How to Make Decal Stickers

Decal stickers can be put on cars, skateboards, helmets, folders and backpacks. It can be fun and inexpensive to to create your own decal stickers. You can make stickers that display ideas or hobbies that you normally cannot find in stores, and can create phrases that are taboo or controversial. Here is how to create your own decal stickers on your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Photoshop Program
  • Cafepress Account
  • Computer

Download a free trial of Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is an art program that will allow you to draw, paint, write, and size your decal to look however you want. It is easy and straight-forward to use, and can be found online for free (see Resources below).

Create your design. You can size your design within Photoshop by creating a new file and determining the height , width and resolution of your image. Then, select the text tool, located on the right of the screen, and stretch it across your image to write text on the decal. Draw on the decal by selecting the pencil, paintbrush or pen tools located above the text tool. Place images on your decal by copying them from any location and pasting them right into your image in Photoshop. Once you have created your image, you will be ready to upload it to CafePress.

Sign up with CafePress (see Resources below). Upload your images onto different products. They have a large variety of decal stickers to choose from to place your Photoshop artwork onto. You can even make a little money by adding a mark-up to your items and listing them on CafePress for free. For the free account, you can list up to 50 different designs, and put your designs on as many items as you want.

Purchase your decals. You can purchase your decal stickers without mark-up in your CafePress account. This is a great way to buy your decal stickers at a lower cost and in bulk. Stickers can vary in price and can be bought in singles, packs of 10 and packs of 100. You can even buy your stickers cheaply to see in local store or at craft fairs. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to designing your own decal stickers.