How to Make Chocolate Kiss Roses

Chocolate Kiss Rose Bouquet
Pictures by: See Yang

Chocolate kiss roses are simple but tasty gifts to give for friends and families during special occasions such as Valentine's, Anniversaries, New Year's, Mother's Day, Birthdays or even Christmas. You can customize the look of them according to your creativity and they can be made in abundance to be given as a bouquet or given singly as party favors.

Chocolate Kiss Rose Bouquet
Pictures by: See Yang

Things You'll Need

  • Chocolate Kisses, Preferably With Red Or Pink Foil
  • Clear Tape
  • Green Floral Wire Or Green Chenille
  • Green Floral Tape
  • Red, Pink, Or Clear Cellophane Cut Down To 5 X 5-Inch Pieces

Cut the florist wire into lengths of 12 inches for the stem. Shape approximately 1 1/2 inches on one end of the floral wire into the a spiral. This end is for holding the kisses in place. To make a stronger stem, you can use two or three wires in conjunction.

Put two kisses together with their bases facing one another with clear tape. Remove any paper that sticks out of the foil by pulling on them gently. If they don't slip out easily, chances are, you might ruin the foil wrapping if you pull any harder. Instead, just tear off the prominent paper piece from the wrapping and leave it.

Place the bonded chocolate pieces into the green wire spiral. If you have to adjust the spiral to fit around the kisses snugly, then do it.

Use the colored cellophane sheet to cover the chocolate kisses and bunch the edges around the stem wire. Try to get the coned shape at the tip so that the candy will look more like a rose bud. Make sure that the cellophane is covering the chocolate kisses snugly so that in case the taping fails to hold the two chocolate pieces together, the cellophane will make sure that the shape of the rose is not destroyed.

Use the green tape to encircle and hold the cellophane wrapping down on the green wire. If the cellophane is too long, you can trim it so that there's only 1/2 to 1 inch left hanging away from the floral tape. Continue to wrap the tape down the whole stem after trimming in order to keep a uniform look and hide the remaining cellophane. Keep the wrapping tight.

Finish off with embellishments if you want such as adding leaves. A paper leaf is nice if you want to write a dedication or note to someone. You can add them easily by wrapping the paper or plastic leaf stem into your desired spot with the green floral tape. If you wanted to cut individual cellophane rose petals to add on too, that is another option.


  • If you wanted to make the roses more festive and colorful, you can change the color of the cellophane and use silver colored kisses instead. To deepen the color of the cellophane, add on extra layers so that the transparency is not so obvious. In lieu of cellophane, pieces of cloth can be substituted. Red and pink foiled chocolate kisses are only seasonally available so if you can't find any, use silver. For special occasions, make a dozen of the chocolate kiss roses and add them with plastic (or real) pieces of plant embellishments to make a bouquet.