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How to Make Tissue Paper Wedding Bells

Use an image as a guide for your tissue bell shapes.
bell image by Vaida from Fotolia.com

Many companies sell tissue paper bells for weddings and other celebration events. However, these bells can be expensive. There is often a small selection of colors for bells as well. You can make your own tissue paper wedding bells in your wedding’s colors with any tissue paper you want. This saves the expense of what can be a pricy item. Making one tissue paper bell takes about 20 minutes. If desired, have several can people assemble bells to make the job go faster.

Use an image as a guide for your tissue bell shapes.
bell image by Vaida from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Hole Punch
  • Paperclips
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Craft Glue
  • Cardstock Paper
  • Ruler

Draw the outline of half of a bell onto a folded piece of cardstock paper. Make the shape as large as you want the tissue paper bell. Draw the bell with the halfway line up against the folded edge of the paper. You can draw the clapper at the bottom, or leave it off if you want. Make as many cardstock bells as you want to have tissue paper bells.

Punch a hole in the top of the bell with a hole punch. You can use this hole to hang the bells later.

Stack 20 layers of the same color of tissue paper together for each bell. Trace the outline of the bell onto the tissue paper. Cut out the bell shape with sharp scissors. Keep the edges of the bell as even as possible. If the sheets are different sizes, the bell will not come out right.

Cut the cardstock bell in half down the middle. Apply a line of glue around all of the edges of both pieces, leaving the center line you just cut unglued.

Add drops of glue every 2 inches along the edges of the tissue paper bell. Continue to add glue around the edges of each tissue paper shape. Change where you place the glue drops each time to create a honeycomb effect. Use the first set of glue placement dots for all even sheets, and the second set of glue dots for all odd sheets. This is what helps the bell retain its rounded shape.

Place a ruler in the middle of the bell. Fold the bell together along the ruler, so the cardstock halves rest on top and bottom of the bell. Crease the sides of the bell.

Unfold the bell so the cardboard halves rest together. Use a paperclip to secure the top and bottom edges. You now have a complete tissue paper bell.

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