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How to Make a Paper Sandwich

Making a paper sandwich can be challenging but fun.
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Making a paper sandwich is a fun activity for children, but the time and patience involved makes it inappropriate for the very youngest kids. The activity make take more than 30 minutes and is ideal for an art class or after-school activity. You can also use this activity to teach children about food preparation and the various food groups. The end result is a take-home paper sculpture.

Things You'll Need:

  • Yellow Paper
  • Brown Marker
  • Orange Paper
  • Red Paper
  • Red Marker
  • Dark-Brown Paper
  • Cream-Colored Paper
  • Green Paper
  • Tape
  • Light-Brown Paper

Making Slices of Bread

Use a long, rectangular, cream-colored piece of paper. It should be twice as long as it is wide. Attach the short ends to each other with tape.

Make four creases to create two large, flat sides and two thin edges.

Repeat this process with another piece of paper.

Insert one squared piece into the other. The result should be a flat, rectangular prism with thin edges.

Secure the two pieces together with tape. Darken the four, thin edges of the prism with a brown marker.

Repeat to make a second slice of bread.

Making the Fillers and Assembling

Cut a piece of green paper in the shape of a lettuce leaf. Crumble the paper into a ball and then flatten. The uneven creases in the paper give the paper lettuce a three-dimensional appearance.

Cut a piece of red paper into a circle. This will be your tomato slice. Use a red marker to draw the seeds and internal sections of a tomato slice. A red marker on red paper creates a more realistic-looking paper tomato.

Cut paper in irregular shapes for the meats. Use orange paper for ham, dark-brown paper for roast beef and light-brown paper for turkey.

Cut yellow paper into square pieces to make cheese slices. Cut out circles in a piece of square, yellow paper to make Swiss cheese.

Select the vegetable, meats and cheeses you want in your paper sandwich and place between the slices of paper bread.

Add loops of tape between each filler to give the paper sandwich some height and stability.

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