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How to Make a SIMS PlumBob for Halloween or Cosplay

Join the festivities with a simple costume.
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If you like playing "The Sims" or "Sims 2" on your computer, try on the Sim life for yourself this Halloween. A Sim is an excellent costume, particularly if you're uncertain about dressing up. All you need to add to your regular clothing is the green PlumBob floating above your head. Making the icon requires some simple folding and bright green paper.

Things You'll Need:

  • Plastic Headband
  • 2 Sheets Green Origami Paper
  • Small Knife
  • Pencil
  • Pipe Cleaner In Color That Matches Your Hair (Or Close Enough)

Take one sheet of paper right side up -- some origami paper has a different color on each side -- and fold the paper diagonally from corner to corner, then from corner to corner for the opposite corners. If you don't have access to origami paper, cut a perfect square of green paper.

Turn the paper over and fold it in half, pressing a fold from left to right, then from top to bottom.

Open your paper wrong side up. Fold along one diagonal, so you have a large triangle. Press in corners along the diagonal creases so that all the four corners meet at the bottom. This creates a square or diamond with a crease down the center and two layers of folds on each side.

Take the first fold on the right and stand it up in the center. Squash it down and crease -- inserting a pencil all the way to the top helps the tip fold down smoothly. This creates a kite-shaped diamond.

Fold the right side over the left. Repeat Step 4 on each layer.

Repeat steps 1 through 5 on a second piece of paper. This creates two fluted-cone shapes. When you lay the sections, each layer should have either a flap or a pocket.

Carefully work around your shape, sliding flaps and pockets on one cone into the pockets and flaps on the other cone. This process creates a dimensional diamond that stays together without tape or glue.

Fold the diamond flat with four layers on each side. About 3 inches up from the bottom on the center seam, make a small hole using the tip of a small knife. Insert your pipe cleaner.

Twist the wires together below the PlumBob so it is at least 2 inches of pipe cleaner to spare. This makes the PlumBob appear to float above your head. Wrap ends of the wire tightly around the head band to and put it on your head to finish the costume.


Standard origami paper makes a finished piece about 6 inches long. Sparkly or foil paper gives the illusion of light.

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