How to Make Paper Soap Boxes

handmade soap image by Alison Bowden from

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Scissors

If you make your own handmade soaps, you may want to give your soaps to family members or friends as gifts. You can place your handmade soaps into homemade paper boxes that you can create our of a simple piece of paper. You can decorate the paper boxes with colored pencils to make them look even more beautiful. Once finished, these boxes can showcase your soaps and provide a useful container with which you can give the soaps away.

Cut out a shape from plain white paper that measures 8 inches square.

Decorate the square using colored pencils.

Fold the paper in half, and press the seam. Open the paper up again. There will be a line down the middle.

Turn the paper 90 degree, and fold the paper in half again. Press the seam. Open the paper up again to reveal another line that is perpendicular to the first.

Arrange the square so that one corner is facing upward. This will make the square look like a diamond.

Fold all of the corners towards the middle, and press them down. Press the seams.

Fold the edge of the right and left side to meet in the center. Press the seams.

Fold the top and bottom edges to meet in the center, and press the seams.

Open the shape back up completely, arranging it in a diamond shape in front of you.

Fold the right and left corners of the diamond to the center.

Bend the corners on either side of each fold upward to make a flap.

Fold the top of each flap over, and tuck the tip of the flap into the bottom of the box. This will create the soap box. Make as many boxes as you need to hold your gift soaps.